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Magnetic NDFEB Cut wiht Diamond Loop Wire

The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology. So the Magnetic NdFeB Cutting method is very important. Diamond wire loop saw balance the high cutting efficiency 35m/s-60m/s and the great surface finish. Cutting material: NdFeB 5.8cm*3.8cm*3.8cm

Cutting linear speed: 42m/s

Feedrate: 5mm/min Wet cutting

Cutting results: Cutting thickness 0.34mm

Cutting time: The whole process just need 7 mins.

Due to the high hardness of NdFeB, it is very hard for the cutting for the common cutting tools, usually the feedrate is 3mm/min, but the endless diamond wire loop feedrate could be up to 5mm/min, greatly improved the cutting efficiency.